Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fort-tastic June Art Opening!

Yey! Theorias second gallery opening was a blast! Thanks everyone who came for making awesome chalk drawings, playing in our impromptu fort, and creating lovely music. Here are some photos from the night; if you have any, or come across any other photos from that night, email it to us or show us on our FACEBOOK page :)

 At the bar... Notice Britts rockstar stare. also. do you see the turtle on the shelf? I do...
 Robby Kraft, one of the Featured Artists, holding his 'dextahydron' ok, maybe thats not what its called, but that thing spun and made beautiful fractal music.

 setting the fort up for the show
 oh snackkkkssss

 thanks Becka for bartending most of the night!
 'ze fort!

body painting by Chelsea Rose Rippel, Photography by Danny)

So, the second month open has begun! We are looking forward to all the awesome workshops scheduled for this month and getting a new batch of volunteers to help us run Theoria and make it more of a collective. 

time to reorganize the Oddities part of the shop... till the weekly update then.

Take care and share something new

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