Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week 1!!

Ahh, finally it is coming around to Sunday, and our first week open is coming to a close.  We are really looking for some awesome lectures and workshops to fill this months and next months calendar, so if any of you have ideas, suggestions, or know people who want to use the space, lets do it! This week we had our firsts:

Tea Ceremony: Tuesdays 4-6 pm Led by Shawn, 
     This 2 hour workshop and Informal Lecture looked at the art, history, and culture implications of tea. We used Zhuānchá Pu-erh (1), a thin brick of compressed and fermented dark tea leaves. As the informal lecture continued, more water was added and the tea continued to pour. With each serving the quality of the tea changed; beginning with rich, aged, and earthy hints, and ending with the last few cups ( about 7 servings later)  a soft, mellow, leafy tone. 

Sound Healing: Tuesdays 6-8pm Led by Sky 'Manifest Destiny': 
     Sky opened with tuning the Chakras through verbal vibrational tones. He led it through verbal sounds, such as ohm, and ahm, in a circle and created a feeling of compassion and openness. The workshop is based on non-denominational practices and is open to everyone; however, its history can be traced back to Hindu roots and hinted on by recent scientific studies regarding vibrational fields of different molecules. The Chakras(2) are a traditional Hindu practice, the word derived from a Sanskrit term referring to 'turning, wheel'. There are 7 Chakras, starting at your tailbone, known as the root chakra, and continuing to the top of your head, the crown chakra. 
     Solfeggio frequencies(3) are based more on the ancient Gregorian Chants, and they are similer, but not directly parallel, to the Hindu chants. There are varying frequencies (hertz) that are assigned to each of the chakras, and, it is suggested, that if you create that certain vibration that it will activate certain molecules in your body of a similar frequency. But, that is something to discern for yourself. 

Projects-In-Progress (4): Fridays 3-6pm Guided Conversations and Critiques with Pippa Possible
     P-I-Ps  are weekly meetings for artists, scientists, film-makers, performers, students- anyone who has a project in progress- to come and present your work (2-5 minutes long) and then receive constructive criticism and creative feedback for your work! We want to foster a feeling of openness and comfortableness wit all participants and look to push every one who come forward in their creative process.  
     Pippa, our mediator, said this about our first workshop, "First PIP WORKSHOP was terrific! Two + hours of informed and informative conversation! Very stimulating. Lots to think about. Very thought-provoking works shared. Yay! Please join us next week for the second installment! Make sure to prepare a 2-5 minute (tops) presentation of your work-in-progress!"
     Other participants stated it was, "great group of people... New, lively space and a mind-sparking concept," and a "totally intellectually and creatively kickass-fantastic!" event. Thanks all who participated this week! We cant wait to see some fresh faces next week!


(1) Pu-erh: Food Culture, Yunnan Pu'er Tea. 2010. 

(2) Chakras: Chakra Therepy. 2005. 

(3) Solfeggio Frequencies: Red Ice Creations, Forgotten in Time: Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies. 2006. 

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